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A Better Balance

Getting help for hearing feels like a big step — so big that only 1 in 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss choose professional treatment. A little hearing loss, it seems, doesn’t justify a lot of hassle and big prices. Sonic introduces a better balance with the Standard IIC.

Easy to try

This tiny IIC is called a “standard” — in part because it sets the bar so high. Able to comfortably fit 87% of people right out of the box, the Standard IIC couldn’t be more friendly. Speech Priority Noise Reduction technology focuses on voices to make conversations clear and audible.Speech Variable Processing maintains a natural sound experience. And unlike retail off-the-shelf products, the Standard IIC is custom programmed to fit each individual with just the right balance of features.

Easy to wear

Even the thought of wearing a hearing aid is a turn-off for some people. They’re self-conscious of an instrument’s appearance, or maybe its implication of age or perceived disability. As an Invisible-In-the-Canal device, the Standard IIC is remarkably discreet. It fits incredibly well without requiring custom impressions. And since it doesn’t require any extra pieces or domes, it’s easy to try — and love — right away.

Easy to buy

Price has always been a hurdle, especially when it comes to justifying a “little hearing loss” with a big price tag. At just $1,500 MSRP for a pair, the Standard IIC couldn’t feel more comfortable.

It perfectly bridges the gap between the perception of out-of-reach custom instruments and the realities of under-performing (not to mention unattractive) Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAPs). With the Standard IIC, you get performance, professional service, and affordable pricing.

Fit for every occasion

The Charm60 Standard IIC is a great way to get the feel of a hearing aid or use when an existing instrument is getting repaired.

  • Easy transition
    With its comfortable look, feel, and price, this Standard IIC can’t help but charm new people new to hearing instruments. It’s a great way to make a comparison with other hearing solutions that have features specific to individual needs.

  • Easy demo
    The out-of-box fit and discreet look make this instrument perfect for a “test drive."

  • Easy loaner
    Waiting for another aid to be fit or repaired? You won’t be disappointed in this device’s outstanding sound quality.
Only the name is "Standard"
The Standard IIC balances price with
top priorities.
How does it fit?

In a 100-patient preference study of the Standard IIC:

  • 87% of patients had a proper fit

  • 63% experienced a true IIC fit

  • 24% had a discreet CIC fit

  • 79% of patients say they were “happy”
    or “very happy” with the look and feel
    of the Standard IIC

Charm60 Standard IIC