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Universal Environment

Life is full of the unexpected. And listening environments change day to day, even hour to hour. Sonic products are ready to tackle them all with features that deliver accurate, hands-free operation. So you can take on the day with
a seamless listening experience.

You recognize different sounds around you as voices, music, background noises, and more. Sonic hearing instruments differentiate them too, but by identifying sound level, presence of speech, harmonics, and the frequency content. The Universal listening environment* is constantly monitoring for these specific characteristics.


As the system analyzes all these different traits, it simultaneously determines the combination of features and amplification you need. Just like your environment’s sounds change from moment to moment, the right combination for ideal listening changes, too. The Universal listening environment automatically makes the right adjustments for better hearing at that moment.

Although the Universal environment addresses a variety of listening situations, it gives priority to speech intelligibility. The Universal environment is specifically tuned to optimize essential speech-related cues, maximizing speech intelligibility in noisy situations.

*CelebrateCheerJourneyBlissCharm, and Flip products offer the Universal Environment technology. Other Sonic products feature different forms of environment adaptability; see product specifications for details.

Ready for anything
Learn how the Universal Environment seamlessly adapts to speech, wind,
noise, and more — automatically.

Specializing in speech

Most people say that understanding conversations is their top listening priority. Sonic keeps this in mind in all our technologies, like Speech Variable Processing.

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