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Phoneme Focus and Envelope Focus

Build a strong foundation for individualized hearing aid fittings with amplification strategies found in the Speech Variable Processing Platform.

Digital signal processing is the cornerstone where personalized amplification begins. When auditory resolution abilities differ from patient to patient, Sonic offers innovative technology to deliver outstanding performance: 

Phoneme Focus – Speech Variable Processing with Phoneme Focus is Sonic’s traditional, extremely fast WDRC system. Like cochlear amplification, this strategy rapidly adjusts gain to apply the precise amount of amplification to each phoneme. The role of Phoneme Focus is to accurately measure the incoming signal and apply just the right amount of gain at just the right moment to maintain the clarity of individual sounds. This amplification strategy enhances the fine details of the speech signal that most listeners rely on to understand speech.

Envelope Focus – A new offering from Sonic, Speech Variable Processing with Envelope Focus is a slower WDRC system that is designed for certain populations, considering age, high frequency hearing thresholds and air-bone gap information. With Envelope Focus, the contrast between loud and soft phonemes is greater than Phoneme Focus and will have a more linear behavior.  This strategy aims to preserve the natural amplitude variations of speech found in the signal, important for listeners who depend on envelope cues found in speech.

Learn more about Phoneme Focus and Envelope Focus here:

The EXPRESSfit fitting software automatically selects Phoneme Focus or Envelope Focus where available. It applies the most appropriate strategy based on age and audiogram information entered in the patient’s record. Hearing care professionals also have the option to manually select between the two speech settings, based on professional assessment of individual needs and abilities. Phoneme Focus and Envelope Focus is available in all Cheer products from Sonic. 

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