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Frequency Transfer

Frequency Transfer aims to improve the audibility of speech for patients with severe to profound high-frequency hearing loss.

A mild to moderate loss of high-frequency hearing points to reduced outer hair cell function in the cochlea. In these cases, when appropriate amplification is applied, the outer hair cells respond by immediately transmitting the signal to the cochlea’s inner hair cells. This properly excites the auditory nerve to reestablish hearing of these cues.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a severe high frequency hearing loss indicates reduced function not only of the cochlea’s outer hair cells, but also of the inner hair cells which are ultimately responsible for excitation of the auditory nerve. In these circumstances, the inner ear often fails to receive the amplified signals that restore the cues needed to understand speech. This could be due to many reasons, including: dead regions within the cochlea, gain limits of the hearing device, or the risk of feedback when applying amplification to this region.

With Frequency Transfer, we can address this complex situation. Operating in conjunction with Speech Variable Processing, Frequency Transfer offers an innovative approach for managing severe high-frequency losses.

Frequency Transfer works by copying and compressing high-frequency input and transferring it to a lower frequency region that has better residual hearing. Frequency Transfer improves the access – and therefore the audibility – of speech cues. Importantly, Speech Variable Processing keeps the bandwidth of the original signal intact which promotes a smooth and seamless sound.

Watch and learn how Frequency Transfer works:     

Because patient needs vary, Frequency Transfer is flexible, too. It is easily configurable, offering three frequency range destinations for the transfer and three intensity levels for the strength.

Frequency Transfer helps patients hear the full, rich spectrum of everyday sounds. It is available in all Celebrate and Journey products from Sonic.

Transfer the high notes
Learn how Frequency Transfer shifts high frequency sounds to provide better access to speech.

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