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Adaptive Feedback Canceller

Feedback — that high-pitched whistle often associated with hearing devices —
is a thing of the past with Sonic’s Adaptive Feedback Canceller*. This sophisticated system removes offending feedback signals — often before
they are even heard — for squeal-free, easy listening.

What is Feedback?

First, it’s important to understand how a hearing aid works. In simple terms, the microphone on a hearing aid receives an incoming sound, amplifies it, and sends it through the receiver into your ear.

Feedback, however, is when this process unintentionally turns into an audio loop. Sometimes the sound that’s already been amplified enters the microphone again. It gets amplified another degree, the process repeats, and suddenly, the sound is amplified to the point it becomes a screeching whistle or unpleasant squeal.


How Does the Sonic Adaptive Feedback Canceller Work?

Feedback signals typically build in intensity before they become loud enough to be audibly perceived as feedback. So, the Adaptive Feedback Canceller system continually monitors these signals to catch them before they become a problem. The system looks for oscillation characteristics typical of feedback, then quickly applies a counter signal. This “cancels out” the offending frequency, typically eliminating feedback before you ever hear it.

If an amplified signal re-enters the microphone within 5 milliseconds of exiting the receiver, the system recognizes it, and treats the signal as feedback. This allows for very quick removal of unwanted feedback.

Conventional feedback cancellation systems typically react too late to stop feedback before it starts; they react only once it is a noticeable problem. The Adaptive Feedback Canceller proactively attacks feedback, so it’s far less likely to get squeals in the first place.

*CelebrateCheerJourney, Bliss, Charm, and Flip products offer the Adaptive Feedback Canceller described above. Other Sonic products feature different forms of feedback cancellation; see product specifications for details.

Squelch the squeal
Enjoy more comfortable listening. Sonic helps stop feedback before it is noticed.

Adapting for you

The Adaptive Feedback Canceller is just one of the Sonic technologies that’s constantly monitoring your surroundings. Learn how our Universal listening environment automatically adjusts to different sounds.

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Learn more

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