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The power to do more.

Severe hearing loss once meant listeners had to sacrifice sound quality for power. Not anymore. Endura is a Super Power BTE that finally delivers high-level output as well as high-quality sound. With the muscle of Sonic technology behind you, you can have a powerful hearing experience with Endura.

Endura generates its powerful abilities from the heritage of Sonic digital technology.
Our industry-recognized family of products is changing the way thousands of people experience sound. Endura can do it for you, too.

Super output

Not all Super Power BTE devices are equal. Unlike some BTEs that focus on just a few peak hearing frequencies, the Endura Super Power BTE delivers exceptional sound quality by providing much-needed amplification across all frequencies.

Super sound

Receiving high-quality sounds can make a difference in your hearing experience.
That’s why Endura isn’t just amplification, it’s a balanced hearing solution. With our sophisticated directionality and feedback control, Endura processes the most natural sounds possible.

Super features

Sonic hasn’t forgotten your lifestyle, either. Endura comes in 6 different colors to create the look you want. The battery door and memory switch are designed for easy access and use. Endura even comes with integrated Direct Audio Input (DAI) which makes it simple for you to connect a wireless FM receiver or even your favorite MP3 player.

Super output.
Super sound.
The power to keep up with extreme
hearing needs.

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Key features

Endura has the power to help people with severe hearing needs enjoy natural sound.

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