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Product Quality

Sonic is committed to creating great hearing experiences for our listeners — and that includes limiting user frustrations. As we develop products with the latest technologies, we also keep long-lasting quality top of mind.

A hearing aid is an investment in your health. Something you count on this much should be built to last, so Sonic goes to great lengths to make our products reliable every day, in every situation.

Although unfortunate accidents can damage hearing instruments, experience shows that it’s often ordinary circumstances that cause the most wear and tear. Humidity in the air, moisture and oils from your skin, even microscopic dust can have a negative impact. So Sonic proactively tests products in comparable—and some rather extreme—environments.

To help ensure your hearing instruments are safe and long lasting, we put products up against some tough tests:

  • High humidity
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dust particles
  • Extensive repetition on push buttons
  • Water ingress
  • Drops from various heights

During product testing, push
buttons on BTE and RITE products
are pressed 25,000 times.

Product testing includes drop
tests from a height of
1.5 meters(5 feet).

BTE and RITE Products
BTEs and RITEs are the workhorses of hearing aids. Since they’re exposed to both your skin and the effects of your surroundings (humidity, moisture, dust, etc.), they have to be robust. We subject our BTEs and RITEs to stringent quality standards so you can have confidence they’ll last and last.

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Custom Products
Custom hearing instruments seem protected since they nestle inside your ear canal. Yet the ear offers environmental challenges of its own like wax build up and moisture. We take special care to make sure the design and maintenance of our custom hearing aids can hold up in this challenging environment.

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Environmental Protection
The IP code of an instrument is an international rating of its protection against external objects, particles and liquids. With an IP58 rating on our latest hearing aids, Sonic has among the highest ratings in the industry. Just one more reason to feel confident in your hearing instrument.

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Built to last
Hearing aids are a valuable investment.
So Sonic puts them to the test before
you do.

The highest standards

Sonic products don’t just meet and exceed the expectations of our users, they impress government and industry regulators alike. Sonic instruments meet the standards of FDA, European Conformity, Federal Communications Commission, and include recyclable and recycled materials.