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Adaptive, all day long.

Combine the features of SoundDNA with the flexibility of rechargeable batteries, and people enjoy Everyday Sounds Better—all day long!

The Enchant miniRITE features the ZPower rechargeable battery system. With a single overnight charge, people can enjoy all-day power without interruption and without the need for regular battery changes. 

ZPower batteries in Enchant: 

  • Hold 40% more charge than other rechargeable microbatteries 
  • Can interchange with disposable batteries if needed 
  • Last about a year—buy them once annually! 

Estimated battery life with ZPower* 

*Estimated battery life may vary depending on the use of the hearing aid, the degree of hearing loss, amplification and listening activities. 

Have confidence in all-day performance, even using advanced features like Bluetooth® streaming. Since the hearing aids (not the batteries) go right on the smart charger, there’s no need to fumble with tiny discs and frequent change-outs. One ZPower rechargeable battery lasts as long as 100 disposable batteries! 

Enjoy the freedom of rechargeables plus the intuitiveness of Sonic's SoundDNA platform: Enchant with ZPower.

Responsive. And rechargeable.
Enchant is even more flexible with ZPower rechargeable batteries.

Make Moments Magical

The technologies in Enchant keep up with shifting sights, sounds, and actions of everyday life.

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