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A Touch of brilliance
Get in touch with a world
of vibrant sound.
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Touch Downloads

A Touch of Innovation. A Touch of Beauty. Throw in a touch of Brilliance and Simplicity,
and you’ve got the Touch microRIC. Touch distills the purest technology into a tiny
mechanical wonder. You’ll appreciate the science behind our patented sound processing.
The ease of fitting the device. And the fact that your patients will be delighted with an aid
that’s neither bulky nor beige. With Touch, you can put your patients in touch again with
a world of vibrant sound.
  • Touch Professional Information Guide
    Touch Professional Information GuideDownload
  • Touch Quick Reference Guide
    Touch Quick Reference GuideDownload
  • Touch Point-of-Purchase Brochure
    Touch Point-of-Purchase BrochureDownload
  • Touch microRIC User Guide
    Touch microRIC User GuideDownload