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The Value of Sonic

“Get the most for your investment.” It’s a familiar phrase whether you’re a person looking into hearing aids for the first time, or a professional who wants his or her patients to be truly satisfied. Sonic understands this need. And we’ve developed a philosophy around it that guides all we do.

Value, after all, is what you find most important — whether that’s sound, style, or ease of use. Sonic makes sure we deliver what people truly value by practicing what we call our 4S Foundation. This philosophy keeps us focused on the benefits that best align with the needs of professionals and users alike.

People value Sound that’s natural

While amplification certainly makes a difference, it’s not enough to make anyone enjoy wearing a hearing instrument. Sonic relentlessly develops technologies and benefits to make the hearing experience feel natural, comfortable, and enjoyable.

People value Speech

Of all the reasons people seek hearing assistance, missing out on conversations is a top factor. That’s why Sonic helps eliminate distracting sounds in the environment and helps people focus on everyday interactions.

People value Simplicity

Hearing care professionals appreciate the effort Sonic takes to make fitting an instrument easy and right the first time. Patients value the simplicity of design that makes Sonic instruments easy to operate and simple features that are considerate of dexterity needs.

People value Style

Admit it or not, poor aesthetics can keep somone from wearing a hearing device and enjoying its full value. Sonic is conscious not only of how instruments look and perform, but how the whole experience is perceived. Professionals can feel confident recommending Sonic devices because users are excited to wear them.

Invest in the
value of hearing
Sonic offers the benefits that patients
and professionals value most.