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Canal Styles (CIC, ITC, ITE)

Canal-style devices are among the smallest hearing instruments. They hide within your ear canal, so they’re custom made to fit you exactly.

There are several kinds of canal-style devices: A Completely-In-Canal (CIC) device fits the deepest within the canal; a tiny extension cord is used to place and remove the instrument. In-The-Canal (ITC) devices are slightly larger, so they extend farther out but remain very hidden. With an In-The-Ear (ITE) model, you will see some of the device’s face, depending on the size and shape of your ear.

Canal Model Features:

  • Custom fit
  • CIC models are nearly invisible
  • CIC and ITC models are suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses
  • ITE models are suitable for moderate to severe hearing losses
  • Skin tone colors available

Products featuring Canal models:

Hearing solutions you keep hidden
The technology is tiny.
The results are remarkable.

Bliss CIC

*Also available in Charm and Pep

Bliss ITC

*Also available in Charm and Pep

Charm ITE

*Also available in Bliss